About Us


     Our artisanal studio was born in 2005 in Canovanas, a small-town east of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Founded by my beloved husband and I, we had been simmering the idea of creating the most beautiful artisanal candles and soaps for years.  To move closer to accomplishing our goal, we attended seminars, workshops, artisanal fairs and completed independent research of the best natural and organic materials to include into our creations.  


     As we learned about techniques and materials, our creative juices began to surface with original designs combining shapes, colors with the best quality materials.  We gained the necessary knowledge to get certified by the Industrial Development Department (Departamento de Fomento Industrial) of Puerto Rico.  Once certified, we began to have an interest in making an artisanal work which was rustic, but at the same time elegant for those customers who like us love nature.   We started to incorporate wood into our designs including bamboo (Bambú in Spanish) for its high diversity; which really complemented our work. We named our studio Bambú Candles & Soaps.  We started designing personalized pieces to commemorate special life’s occasions (i.e. weddings, baby showers, etc.) and customized pieces for companies.  Our designs pleased our community of customers, friends and family who spread the word expanding our customer base. 


     In 2015, we moved to New York City where with lots of hard work and unconditional support from friends and family, we have been able to establish ourselves and showcase our work to a new market.   With the launch of our online store, we want to showcase our creations to a broader market and hope you are pleased with our products.